Grace C.


Grace C.





Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area

Management Consulting


Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, UK

What I Do

I’m a Manager with the Talent and Organisation practice of Accenture, specializing in Change Management. When clients implement new processes or new infrastructure in their organisations, the workforce needs to be prepared to change the way things are done. Some examples of preparing the workforce include communicating the changes, getting them to accept the changes, and retraining. My role is to help the workforce during this transition period and provide post-transition support.

Day In My Life
I like to come to the office early and check my e-mails before the hustle and bustle start, because once the team or client arrives, we typically dive into meetings or discussions. My aim is to finish work on time if possible so I can go home to my family early. 

Between meetings, I complete project work which could vary from working on change management plans to preparing communications and engagement materials, and conducting analyses or studies. Every now and then, I review my team’s work. If there are urgent deadlines, I usually finish my work at home in the evening after my son has gone to bed.

Outside the Office

I love travelling so I try to travel abroad at least once a year. On a daily basis, I enjoy reading, walking my dog and spending quality time with my husband and son.

My Advice
To fresh graduates, come in with an open mind and embrace whatever projects come your way. Each project presents a wonderful opportunity for exposure and learning. 

To experienced hires, the Accenture culture may seem daunting at first but the good thing is that everyone is always willing to help and share. I’ve had colleagues come in from other companies and they too felt that the willingness to help one another is pretty strong in Accenture!