Ankit D.


Ankit D.





Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area

Business Process Delivery


Engineering, Mumbai University

What I Do

I am a Consultant specializing in the Products industry and Customer Relationship Management. I mainly work with Airline and Telecom clients. My primary goal is to help clients become high-performance businesses by helping them identify and capitalize on opportunities, navigate through business challenges and realize their full potential to achieve their financial goals. For instance, a client might want to increase the number of its customers while another might want to improve its customer experience. Some clients would target to improve their overall efficiency in interacting with their customers, while others would want to tap into the latest technologies out there. As a consultant, I help companies identify such goals and advise them on the best way to achieve these.

Day in my Life

A typical day starts with me having conversations with the client’s senior leadership and associates from operations. This is to understand their business goals accurately and devise a plan best suited to achieve it. I then join my Accenture team members to exchange ideas and craft out a strategy for my client. Since Accenture teams are spread out across multiple locations, I would get on to a conference call with them to exchange thoughts and ideas. Between all these, I will break for lunch with my other Accenture associates or clients to explore the diverse cuisines that Malaysia has to offer.

Outside the Office

After work, I spend my time catching up with friends and family over dinner at home or at one of the many lovely restaurants in Malaysia. Also, I love sports and join my friends for regular badminton & white-water rafting sessions.

Apart from watching some of my favorite movies during the weekends and holidays, I also love to explore various towns in Malaysia or travel to the nearby countries of Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. I also get to travel to different locations to take part in the many corporate citizenship activities that Accenture organizes.

My Advice

Accenture is a place that provides a platform to spread our wings as much as we want. It is a place where you generate ideas every day and opportunities abound. It is entirely up to an individual to decide how far he or she wants to push the envelope. Accenture’s greatest asset is its people, who are extremely skilled and treat you as part of the family and look after you, no matter which part of the globe you are from. The daily conversations you have either with colleagues or your clients will bring a positive transformation which rarely goes unnoticed outside.