Rahul Sharma

Digital Business Integration Manager


"Our innovative digital solutions are designed by people with diverse technical skills and backgrounds. This allows us to help our clients deliver the best customer experience."

What I do

As a digital business integration manager, I oversee the implementation of digital transformation services to help our clients grow their business. Agility is expected in my line of work. I wear a few hats to be effective in my role.

As a consultant, I help our clients identify challenges and set goals for their business. As an architect, I work out a plan to bring solutions to life and piece together various building blocks essential for delivering the entire solution landscape. As a technical lead, I manage the technical delivery of these solutions from initial design to deployment and operations support.

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A day in my life

I begin my day by setting priorities for work. We hold daily standup meetings where I hear out and help the team solve functional or technical impediments. We then brainstorm on current or future technical requirements that we need to design and implement. After that, I’ll get the feedback of our technical stakeholders to stay aligned. I then spend the rest of the day reviewing code to ensure that it meets project standards and guidelines. Occasionally, I get involved in sales initiatives or deep dive into a technology, product or service that our clients want to adopt.

The most exciting project I’ve been involved in was when I had the chance to customize a global software product for a global retail brand. From a technical perspective, it was unchartered territory for our team. But, our diverse group of amazing people helped us see it through. Our different skills and backgrounds enabled us to successfully deliver our project on time.

When I’m not working, I look after my baby. One of my greatest accomplishments in life is becoming a self-certified expert in burping, winding and changing diapers. I also enjoy watching Netflix and Amazon Prime.

"At Accenture, diversity is a core consideration when forming teams. I feel lucky to be part of a diverse and fun group with respectful and empathetic people. We value our diversity and cherish it with pride."

My advice

Every day is a new day at Accenture! Always look out for opportunities to grow. The broad spectrum of challenging opportunities that we get on a regular basis keeps you on your toe. For me, this is the best thing about my job. Always connect with your team. Accenture has some of the most amazing, smart, sensitive and empathetic people and leaders who value your personal growth and well-being.

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