Developing a responsible supply chain

We have the purchasing power and multi-billion-dollar supply chain to cultivate a culture of responsible buying on a global scale.

Cultivating a culture of responsible buying

Our ambition is to create more sustainable supply chains through a mindset of responsible buying both inside and outside our company, while generating long-term value for our clients, suppliers and communities.

To go beyond transactional procurement, we developed Procurement Plus and work with our suppliers and the wider ecosystem to advance key priorities, including environmental sustainability, human rights, inclusion, diversity and social innovation. Procurement Plus enables us to advance our partnerships with suppliers and evolve our processes to increase engagement and collaboration.

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Accenture was named Corporation of the Year by the Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council for our work in Supplier Inclusion and Sustainability in Canada.

Influencing the culture of buying

Procurement Plus is more than a responsible buying program—it’s our approach to every aspect of our supply chain and putting it into practice makes us more transparent while reinforcing our role as a trusted advisor and partner.

Our ethical procurement strategy

We set high standards for the way we conduct business and require suppliers across all categories to adhere to our Supplier Standards of Conduct or make an equivalent commitment. Read more.

Environment and human rights advocacy

We continue to drive the adoption of a living wage, take targeted actions and support advocacy in our supplier ecosystems to work toward the elimination of modern slavery. Learn more.

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Driving supplier sustainability

One result of our commitment to sustainable procurement is an increase in the number of suppliers that report their environmental impact.

CDP’s Supply Chain program

As a member of CDP’s Supply Chain program, we use CDP tools to promote engagement, transparency and sustainable business practices with our suppliers. Learn more.

Creating cultural change with Hilton

Hilton worked with us to align its Supplier Diversity Program with its 2030 Travel with Purpose goals and commitment to redefine sustainable travel.

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Advancing supplier inclusion and diversity

Through our Supplier Inclusion & Sustainability Program, we create long-term value for our clients and keep our business agile by promoting inclusive, ethical and sustainable procurement practices. Read more.

Empowering champions of change

Our Diverse Supplier Development Program matches Accenture executive mentors with diverse supplier companies to help their businesses grow.

Supporting an inclusive labor market

We are proud to be a corporate leader in inclusive procurement practices, exploring new ways and opportunities to promote people who may otherwise be excluded from career opportunities.

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A new era of precision agriculture

Today, the average farmer's crops feed nearly six times the number of people as they did in 1960. With limited new land available to farm, increased agricultural yields will require more efficient and integrated use of data and technology throughout their operations.

Accenture's data experts worked with Proagrica to develop a user-friendly platform that provides farmers and their advisors with greater visibility into the whole farming supply chain.


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