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Applied intelligence for business growth

Bepensa is leveraging Accenture Insights Platform for greater insights and customer service


José Manuel Madero, CEO of Bepensa, explains how the business leverages data analytics through Accenture Insights Platform to mine data from more than 5.5 million transactions a day, gain a deeper and more extensive comprehension of the business and, most important, obtain insights on how to better serve 300,000 daily customers to continue expanding their market share.
You cannot have innovation unless you are able to change the mindset. We need to make sure that digital transformation is at the heart of what we are doing today.


Accenture developed a five-component solution: integration of internal and external data into a Store Analytic Record for monitoring, Data Science, a new commercial governance model, a commercial insight tower for day to day decision making and a set of apps developed in Accenture Insights Platform to support optimization data and analytics workflows.


Through the implementation of the Platform and Commercial Insights Tower, Bepensa has reimagined and reimplemented its decision-making process for marketing and sales functions by using more than 10,000 variables for the analyisis.

Redesign into decision making data driven work flows, Data extractors, Data lake integration, Store Analytic Record structured, and Curated data in a Cloud based Platform (Accenture Insights Platform) that gives near real-time visibility of sales and integrates strategic, tactical and operational KPIs


Per Rosen
Per Rosen
Managing Director, Products
Accenture Mexico

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Juan Pablo Llamas
Juan Pablo Llamas
Managing Director, Analytics
Accenture Mexico

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