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From Defense to Offense

Pulso Estratégico. Toward High Performance


Mexico’s current economic scenario demands, as in American football, a game system with differentiated strategies and solutions, one with clear management rules; where the time factor can stop or accelerate the generation of results.

Today, the defense strategy that focuses on price management, cost control and cost optimization has become a common barrier across the board that has diluted the competitive factor in the consumer’s eyes. Thus, we face an opportunity to inject energy into the industry game by means of an offensive move.

By moving from defense to offense, management teams display a complete alignment with the strategic flexibility necessary to make adjustments to their operating models and achieve accurate passes that generate faster results and control of the score board, while ensuring that the consumer is the one who determines the success of this alignment.

Planning a strategy with utmost precision requires that both retail and consumer industries have an in-depth knowledge of the evolution of consumer buying behavior; thus, as we advance yards, we gain response speed and accuracy in the quality of service.

This offensive moment requires great agility to innovate and re-invest steadily in the management model to build value into transformation programs where the only certainty the industry has is that the ball is in the hands of the consumer.

I invite you to build an offensive experience into your game strategy. 


Sergio Naylor
Managing Director of Products Industry, Accenture Mexico

"Football is a game of experiences, and I believe in each one of them"

- Vince Lombardi,
American football legend