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How We Adapt Retail to Today´s Reality?

The multichannel scenario has opened opportunities for retailers to satisfy the customer’s desire for an uninterrupted shopping experience.

Today we must find a new balance between digital and physical stores.

Physical stores are coming back. Even the most enthusiastic of electronic commerce today accepts that we are moving towards a new multichannel concept. Amazon opened its first store at Purdue University, the sunglasses brand Warby Parker opened 18 stores, Samsung, Microsoft, and even Google now, are present in physical spaces.

But stores are improving their digital skills. For example, Nordstrom offers its customers the opportunity to contact personal stylists through text messages. Via text messages they can also request deliveries at a certain time on the sidewalk, so that they do not have to get out of the car. H&M of Times Square in New York, allows its customers to pay for items in the fitting rooms. Pizza Hut is testing a new technology that recognizes customer’s cars when they enter the parking lot.


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To ensure greater competitiveness, the two channels need to attend to their blind spots and look more and more like each other.

36% of customers prefer to wait until the store opens the next day, but have their products right there and then, and only 32% are willing to wait more than five days for their purchases to be delivered.