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Marcelo Melchior

CEO of Nestlé Mexico

Our Consumer, a Total Experience.

One of the most knowledgeable businessmen when it comes to the Mexican market in terms of consumer-products companies speaks in this interview about the importance Nestlé places on its consumers and shares his views on the best route to maintain steady growth, by striking a fair balance between traditional, modern, and digital channels.

Marcelo Melchior, CEO of Nestlé Mexico explain that today the traditional channel represents 50% of their business. The traditional channel is essential for them. They sell consumer products with added value, at an affordable price, with a unit price that sometimes is one or two pesos. For these products the traditional channel is paramount.

Finally, he explain that is really important to have face to face interaction with consumers in person and digitally, “We are betting on several fronts, on digital media, with novel metrics, continuously experimenting with creativity and high informative certainty”


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"Our main strategy to bring consumers closer to the digital ecosystem is the Service Pillar"

“In the traditional channel, the big challenge is not only the space, but also the storekeeper’s cash availability”