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Mergers & Acquisitions

Strategic Decision

How attractive is the market for mergers and acquisitions and what are the opportunities for improvement that Mexican companies have to carry out a successful process in this regard?

The market for mergers and acquisitions in Mexico, which had until October 2015 a volume of 20 billion, could reach 30 billion this year. The operations we will mostly see are in the energy and infrastructure sectors, but also the automotive, tourism, and real estate sectors stand out. Market size can reach 50 billion dollars, according to estimated calculations.

Analysts agree that one of the main issues to consider in an acquisition or merger is the macroeconomic environment, particularly inflation and exchange rates. Although we have seen the dollar strengthened against the peso (And against virtually all other currencies in the world), it is possible in the midterm that it can be established within a range between 17 and 18 pesos, while inflation, which historically has touched low levels is expected to begin to rise, though, at least for now, not alarmingly.



Considering the rate of value generation is a critical issue for a merger to be successful, the development of Clean Room during the due diligence process is a critical issue for capturing value from day one of the operation.

Accenture has developed the Clean Room methodology to capture the synergies of the merger from day one.