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Alfredo Capote

Business Liaison Director at EGADE Business Schools

Talent and an understanding of business and technology drive digital leadership.

Alfredo Capote, Business Liaison Director at EGADE Business School, in this interview he offers some insight on the kind of leadership that businesses need to face the digital transformation.

To start the conversation, he talked about that the real transformation is focused on the models that are based on the capabilities provided by information technology and telecommunications, which in turn are creating more value at the moment.

Specifically in the area of Retail, we are now working on a completely different model from a few years ago. The main competitors in this industry no longer have a sales model, but rather a financial one. Based on an intelligent distribution scheme that allows them not only to restock but also to know what exactly it is that customers buy. It is a continuous cycle of demand-driven supply that is dynamic and online.


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"The business models that are creating the most value at this moment are those that are enabled, promoted, and supported by technology."

“The key element is entrepreneurship, which can be in the company that you create or the company where you work: Intrapreneurship.”