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Accenture’s Mauritius Impact Sourcing programme includes great Work Study Student programmes, namely: Dual Training Programme (DTP), National Skills Development Programme (NSDP) and Youth Employment Programme (YEP) which are co-sponsored by the Mauritian government. This programme targets talented youth, providing them with a full bursary for a qualification, as well as the opportunity to acquire practical workplace experience in Accenture’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) operation.

Watch this video to learn more about the impact of the programme for Accenture and on the lives of the Work Study Students (WSS).


Accenture’s Mauritius Impact Sourcing programme is a core part of the Work Study Students programme (WSS) co-sponsored by the Mauritian government.

Accenture's Impact Sourcing Programme helps Mauritius' youth realise their great potential. It’s good for the country’s growth, it supports Accenture’s rotation to the NEW and it creates value for our customers.

The student’s time is split between study and work, hence they are called work study students. The academic programme targets the development of scarce and critical skills, while the work programme builds workplace skills, using job rotation and intense mentorship to create a workforce that can plug and play into any environment, industry or skill. This workforce is change ready, adaptable, transformational and responsive to how our business operates—a liquid workforce.

High performing work study students are offered a permanent position at Accenture within a talented and dedicated team. This supports our goals of empowering talented youth in Mauritius, helping to address the youth unemployment challenge, building a talent pipeline for Accenture Operations and helping to address Mauritius’ skills shortage.

Since our first intake of 17 students in mid 2015, we have taken on another 33 students. Our first interns will graduate in June 2017.



Scrolling Section
Impact for the community
Impact for the client
Impact for Accenture


Training talented students and giving them valuable work experience.

A solid foundation on which to build a career, and the confidence to navigate a career effectively: We strive to enrich communities through our commitment to supporting skills development and job creation in Mauritius.

Positive impact on the community: Talented youth are equipped with critical skills, empowering them to help improve the lives of the families they support and the communities in which they live.

Increasing youth employment: Accenture aims to contribute to the economy of Mauritius by ensuring our liquid workforce has the necessary skills to be employable, flexible, and adaptable.


Increasing business efficiency and ensuring that employees are working on tasks appropriate to their level and experience.

Reduces cost and risk compared to hiring additional full-time staff.

Enables management resources to focus on more strategic and technically complex work.

Work Study Student programmes are tailored to suit clients’ needs.

Developing staff that can make an impact

With a combination of classroom learning, on-the-job training, project simulation and mentorship, the work study students build marketable skills while developing their theoretical and practical knowledge of business process outsourcing. Significant levels of language literacy (English, French and Spanish) are developed alongside technical knowledge through:

Training and practical use of business software.

Training on technical software required by projects.

Communication boot camp for effective oral and written communication.

Access to a host of programmes that cover anything from business and teaching skills, to change management, documentation development, and contract and stakeholder management.


Giving back to the community, and raising awareness about Accenture initiatives and opportunities.

Developing a skilled workforce that can contribute to their communities.

Building knowledge capital to enable conversion of skills into jobs within the operations sector.

Building market visibility to become better known for impact sourcing.


The Work Study Students Programme in Mauritius began in June 2015. In total, 50 interns have won a place in the programme.

Here is what they have to say.

"Hard work and the will to succeed are essential if you want to join this programme, but the rewards are immense."
Daharee Trisha
Dual Training Programme student
Joined the Accenture programme in July 2016
VIEW PROFILEDaharee Trisha
“This programme has helped me aim higher—I now know I want to go much further.”
Cyrielle Dalais
Dual Training Programme student
Joined the Accenture programme in July 2016
VIEW PROFILECyrielle Dalais
VIEW PROFILEAnnaïs Beguinot
“After one and a half years at Accenture, I am multi-skilled—I can deal with matters scientific, mathematical, statistical, accounting and administrative, and I can truly say I have enjoyed the trip.“
Annaïs Beguinot
Dual Training Programme student
Joined the Accenture programme in April 2015.
“What makes us better individuals is the mutual respect we give to each other at Accenture. This thinking appeals to me and it’s what I aspire to.“
Pouvani Chinacanen
Dual Training Programme student
Joined the Accenture programme in July 2015
VIEW PROFILEPouvani Chinacanen
VIEW PROFILEEmilie Dabeesing
“I have gained a lot of confidence at Accenture and I now feel motivated and I look forward to growing my career.“
Emilie Dabeesing
Dual Training Programme student
Joined the Accenture programme in September 2014
“Working alongside proven professionals has helped broaden my horizons.“
Kursley Basse
Dual Training Programme student
Joined the Accenture programme in July 2016
“Choosing to join this programme was one of the best decisions I could have made—my growth has been phenomenal on so many levels.“
Yoven Kali
Dual Training Programme student
Joined the Accenture programme in April 2015
“Passion is the difference between having a job and having a career.”
Bryan Asaph Kistohurry
Dual Training Programme student
Joined the Accenture programme in June 2014
VIEW PROFILEBryan Asaph Kistohurry
VIEW PROFILEChloé Cassandra Marie Marius
“Awesome! That’s how I describe my experience at Accenture.”
Chloé Cassandra Marie Marius
Dual Training Programme student
Joined the Accenture program in July 2016
“The journey may be challenging but the rewards are outstanding!”
Sebastien Mootoosamy
Dual Training Programme student
Joined Accenture in July 2016
VIEW PROFILESebastien Mootoosamy


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