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Enterprise performance management strategy

Accenture and Global Gold Mining Company collaborate to deliver an integrated enterprise performance management strategy.


This client is a leading international gold company and aims to be a leader in low-cost production. Its 2011 profits exceeded $1 billion.

Accenture helped this global gold miner develop an integrated enterprise performance management strategy, with the potential to boost the client’s financial performance substantially by improving decision-making. This strategy has the potential to move the client forward in its journey to achieve high performance.



One of the challenges the client faced was to make better use of data to drive decision-making. Because its existing systems did not connect physical data from its mines with commercial data from its financial systems, executives were not able to view variations between forecast and actual production, and the commercial impact of such variations.

In addition, the effectiveness of the client’s group-wide metrics and key performance indicators in managing the business was reduced by inconsistencies in data management and reporting procedures.


To advance on its journey toward becoming a high-performance business, the client identified a need to improve the efficiency of its planning, budgeting and forecasting processes. It also wished to grow its capability to proactively manage its business.

The client called on Accenture to develop a strategy to address these challenges. It chose Accenture based on its insight into, and understanding of, the client’s problem, its experience in enterprise performance management, its proven frameworks and methodologies and its track record of delivery.

Using the Accenture High Performance Business Process Reference Model for Mining in conjunction with the Enterprise Performance Management Framework, Accenture conducted an assessment of the client’s current capabilities.

Based on this assessment, Accenture worked to develop two key business strategies:

  • Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting.

  • Enterprise Reporting for the executive committee and general managers.

The aim of the strategy was to create a set of standardized, highly automated enterprise performance management processes across the entire value chain, supported by a single IT system. Accenture’s solution was aligned with the client’s SAP enterprise management software to leverage its existing investment in that technology.

The new enterprise management system would provide client leadership and management staff with greater insight into organizational performance; it would also improve the accuracy of forecasting by standardizing data that covered the physical aspects of production and integrating it with commercial metrics.


Working on a tight, eight-week timeline, Accenture and the client collaborated to deliver an integrated enterprise performance management strategy that would bring together business and functions for seamless planning, budgeting, forecasting, data extraction, analysis and reporting across the entire value chain. Accenture’s strategy was aligned with the client’s future plans and priorities, as well as its current challenges.

The strategy was backed by a proposed implementation approach plus a high-level estimate of the work required. The effort helped highlight key inefficiencies in existing processes and introduced leading processes to key company stakeholders. It also provided insight into the application architecture necessary to identify options for developing the required integrated solution, and offered a way to build maturity by phasing releases over time.

The strategy has the potential to boost the client’s financial performance substantially by improving decision-making. It will also help to elevate the accuracy of its forecasting ability, thus building better relationships with stakeholders, including analysts.

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