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The Accenture Liquid Studio for SAP Leonardo Intelligent Technologies uses design thinking and agile methods to rapidly design, develop and deliver industry and cross-industry apps.

Offering rapid prototyping and application development in as little as four weeks to implement, the Accenture Liquid Studio for SAP Leonardo Intelligent Technologies can help deliver innovative SAP solutions with speed and agility.

To do this, the studio uses new ways of working and new technologies. Through design thinking and agile methods, we quickly design, develop, integrate, and deliver industry and cross-industry apps using new and disruptive technologies and platforms such as SAP Leonardo Intelligent Technologies , SAP Cloud Platform, SAP S/4HANA, IoT, artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, big data, predictive analytics and mobile.



Liquid apps are the result of a new way to build software—faster, flexible and more liquid—with reusable components sourced internally or externally that allow for rapid assembly of applications in support of dynamic business needs. Liquid applications are assembled leveraging modular architectures, next-generation integration techniques and a cloud-first, mobile-first mindset.

Software platforms such as the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP), provide well-defined technical architectures along with standards, governance and reusable code. The platform facilitates more rapid creation and assembly of liquid business solutions, using a rapidly expanding library of pre-built components and ecosystem solutions.


SAP Leonardo Intelligent Technologies is an end to end digital innovation systems that can make your system of record more intelligent and enable new applications and innovations.

Accenture and SAP are joining forces on SAP Leonardo by adding the power of Accenture digital solutions, capabilities and expertise to enable new business outcomes and innovation.

Smart Fleet

Your digital service management dashboard

Robot Maintenance

Real-time maintenance visibility

Field Force Drone

Inspecting through a new lens

Mona Lisa

Your intelligent SAP assistant

Mergers and Acquisitions

Digitizing the process of M&A

Virtual Bionics

Better rehab through gamification and analytics

Intelligent Tracking

Sensor driven chemical monitoring

Intelligent Plant

Sensing your plant operations

Corporate Navigator

Details on your corporation on demand

Online Planner

Your project management dashboard

Shift Planner

Simple and friendly team management

Client Call Prediction

Better customer service based on better customer insight

Connected Shelves

Smart retail and self-checkout with SAP


Empowered Sales Representative

Empower your fleet to drive new sales


IoT Point of Sales

Caring for customer service

Sales Recommendation Tool

Recommending ways to raise sales

Smart Beauty Shop

A digital beauty shop experience


Augmented Warehouse

Warehouse management that sees inside the stock

Connected Crates

End to end inventory traceability


Connected Logistics

A smarter warehouse with SAP

Connected Supply Chain

Real-time visibility of goods, assets and people

Container Tracking

Mobile enabled returns management

Multi Modal Cargo - Connected Ports

Connected terminal operations and maintenance


Keeping a healthy pharmaceutical supply chain

Recruitment and Onboarding

A candidate centric recruiting experience

Sick Leave Management

Smart sick leave management workflow


Training Center

Your digital training support assistant