Predictive health intelligence services

Predictive health intelligence uses data and analytics to determine which treatments and services lead to better patient, provider and economic outcomes.


In today's more complex reimbursement and cost-sensitive environment, life sciences companies need to deliver therapeutic solutions, not just therapies. Predictive Health Intelligence is a suite of analytic-enabled solutions to help life sciences companies build evidence-driven business models, improve patient outcomes and increase economic value across the health care system.

Why Accenture

Accenture has worked with a number of leading analytic service providers and prominent research institutes to use real-world data and design new services to help pharmaceutical companies secure reimbursement and develop patient focused business models. When combined with our rapidly growing health analytics practice and analytics-enabled services, Accenture is well positioned to help clients transition from being volume focused organizations to value-driven enterprises.

Predictive health intelligence helps companies achieve results by:

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Creating a more comprehensive data- and insight-driven picture of the patient experience to identify care gaps and barriers.

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Developing a holistic set of services that addresses these gaps and barriers to improve patient access to care and the effectiveness of treatments.

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Rapidly measuring the effectiveness of these solutions so real-time adjustments can be made to continually improve the patient experience.

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Informing clinical research based on the gaps and barriers identified in patient needs and populations.

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Operating these new capabilities as an integrated cloud-enabled service.

Specific Services

Accenture's aggregated and tailored datasets, data science tools and analytics services provide clients with the information they need, and our offerings help develop evidence-driven business models.

Commercial services for life sciences

  • Real-world patient and provider analytics: Drive unique insights from a deep understanding of the patient journey.

  • Patient care services: Design and deploy analytics-enabled services direct-to-patients and direct-to-providers.

  • Commercial execution excellence tracking: Achieve "real-time" feedback on commercial activities to rapidly tests tactics and messages.

R&D and medical evidence for life sciences

  • Population analytics: Enable rapid hypothesis testing while easily cross referencing and viewing data elements.

  • Clinical trial modeling and design: Utilize real world EMR data to refine resource and planning estimates.

  • Patient outcomes analytics: Study comparative outcomes within sub-populations and test hypotheses.

  • Pharmacovigilance monitoring and assessment: Increase drug safety and advance risk planning.

Key Alliances

Explorys: Provides a big​​​ data analytics platform aggregating de-identified information from millions of​​ patients to measure the effectiveness of different treatment approaches and generate insights into prospective solutions to improve quality and outcomes.

Liaison Technologies: Provides the big data technology platform to integrate, harmonize, manage and secure critical clinical and life sciences data in the cloud.

Predixion: Provides the only predictive analytics platform that simplifies and expedites the entire predictive process to get actionable predictive insights embedded into existing enterprise software applications​

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