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Accenture digital customer interaction services: Summary

Accenture Digital Customer Interaction Services can help providers navigate today’s increasingly digital landscape for customer interaction.


Today's increasingly digital landscape for customer interaction is posing significant challenges for communications service providers in several areas:

  • Operating model optimization: Providers are also finding it difficult to transition from costly agent-assisted channels to lower-cost digital channels, and as a result, have only limited marketing resources with which to focus on strategic and value-added activities.

  • Revenue generation. In today’s increasingly complex ecosystem, competition from over-the-top (OTT) providers is leading to falling average revenue per user (ARPU), a flat or declining customer base and an inability to penetrate certain target markets and segments.

  • Connecting with the digital consumer. Communications service providers are obtaining poor return on investment (ROI) from traditional marketing campaigns, and are frequently unable to leverage usage information in their digital interactions with customers.

Digital Customer Interaction Services helps to address these challenges, blending the front-end customer experience with back-end analytics and enabling technologies in order to deliver higher customer acquisition and retention. We help enhance providers' ARPUs and optimize digital interaction costs, while driving improved marketing performance and delivering compelling customer experiences at scale.

Why Accenture

We deliver Digital Customer Interaction Services through a service arrangement in which Accenture operates as an extension of the client’s organization, focused on delivering outcomes. We scale services up or down to accommodate clients’ needs, giving them the flexibility and agility to gain speed to market—powering sales and margins, while also lowering the cost of entry.

Digital Customer Interaction Services can help your business:

  • Develop, execute and track digital campaigns

  • Manage end-to-end digital marketing processes and engagement

  • Build, operate and manage digital channels (Web, e-mail, mobile and tablet)

  • Personalize customer interactions through a hyper-relevant digital analytics platform

Outcomes can include:

  • Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)

  • Improved customer retention and customer satisfaction

  • Increased sales and ARPU through targeted and extended reach of digital channels

Specific Services

Digital Customer Interaction Services encompasses a variety of specific services, including:

  • Digital Marketing Services

  • Customer Analytics Services

  • Digital Customer Experience Services

  • Real Time Recommendations Services

  • On-line Interaction Enablement Services (portal, mobile, social)

Together, these services can help providers navigate today's increasingly digital landscape for valuable customer interactions—increasing revenue and ARPU, reducing operating expenses (OPEX) and churn, and increasing customer satisfaction.