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Accenture Interactive Innovation Center

Where do ground-breaking ideas come from? We know they don’t happen by chance. They need the right combination of people, place and time to take shape.


At the new Accenture Interactive Innovation Center, in Sophia Antipolis, the south of France, we have created a hub for revolutionary thinking—a space custom-made for "eureka moments."

It’s a unique ideation environment where you can explore, discover and develop ground-breaking thinking in digital customer interactions. Together, we’ll tackle the big challenges of tomorrow—from harnessing social media to reshaping the next wave of artificial intelligence.




Join us at the Accenture Interactive Innovation Center and become a truly digital business. If you’d like to learn more, contact us.


Interactive Innovation Center Introduction and Overview from Brian Whipple, Senior Managing Director - Accenture Interactive

Specific Services


Immerse yourself in the latest R&D and thought leadership. At our Accenture Interactive Innovation Center, you’ll find out what’s on the horizon for the digital trailblazers and we’ll bring the latest thinking to life.


Collaborate with colleagues and Accenture to tackle the most pressing challenges for you and your industry. Use our pioneering environment to shake-up your thinking and push boundaries.


Find innovative ways to approach age-old challenges. And harness the power of digital to develop solutions that could pave the way for a higher-performing future.

Why Accenture

At Accenture Interactive, part of Accenture Digital, we’re continually seeking innovative ways to help the world’s leading brands drive superior marketing performance across the full omni-channel customer experience.

The Accenture Interactive Innovation Center has been designed to both inspire and inform with a series of immersive future-proof zones. It’s an experience like no other—combining state-of-the-art technology with the latest thinking and insights, the center provides the perfect environment to shape the solutions of tomorrow.

Each of our stimulating one and two-day interactive workshops is designed for 5–10 people and will be individually tailored around what matters to you—your market, industry and opportunities.