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Understanding European flexibility markets

November 4, 2021


In brief

Finding flexibility

Enedis embeds flexibilities in its industrial model. Enedis analyses the network constraints and publishes flexibility opportunities (where, when, how much?) wherever they can be useful, cost-effective, and integrated in its operational processes.

— Hubert Dupin, Head of Flexibility Department — Enedis

Regional approaches inspire different markets

5 use cases for flexibility

Investment deferral

is used to postpone investment during the planning phase until the ideal investment date. In this case, the choice to use flexibility is made on purely economic grounds.

Permanent embedded solutions

are deployed as an integrated solution as part of the planning process, and are currently specific to Enedis.

Demand congestion management

is a key driver for the deployment of local flexibility in areas where a significant growth in consumption puts the network at risk.

High Voltage injection congestion

occurs when the increase in the amount of connected renewable capacity means that excess power cannot be dispatched, which creates a risk of grid overload.

Outage management

is another use of flexibility focused on network operations, such as limiting the impact of planned works, or re-supplying the network quickly during unplanned outages.

Network visibility and market design

Rewriting the rule book

Key actions and next steps

Grégory Jarry

Industry Principal Director – Accenture France

Luc Servant


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