Increase speed to market and optimize CX

Marketing and transformation leaders in the life sciences industry must not only contend with pressure to increase speed to market and optimize the customer experience, but also face the roadblocks and delays that often come with regulations, risk management, and compliance. For large enterprises in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biopharma, and biotech, the need for visibility into workflows, processes, and communication channels is paramount. However, visibility is frequently obscured by siloed platforms, unintegrated tools, and manual activities. It’s no wonder that 90% of biopharma CEOs believe the dynamic orchestration of more complex ecosystems will become a core activity of the marketing executive.

Customers expect rapid delivery of hyper-personalized customer experiences across multiple channels. It’s no longer enough to market to audiences. The emphasis is now on digital, personalized customer journeys for each persona across an organization. Likewise, life science enterprises must turn on a dime to respond to changes in today’s volatile market or risk being left behind by the competition.

Empowering life sciences marketing and transformation leaders to work better, smarter and faster

Operational challenges to deliver superior CX

For executive management, the delivery of superior customer experiences and support, high content velocity, and continuous optimization are primary drivers. Marketers and transformation leaders must meet these goals while navigating strict internal processes and external regulations including Medical Legal Review. The pressure to do more with less remains present, particularly in today’s times of great uncertainty.

Meanwhile, enterprises are undergoing digital and organizational transformation as M&A activity. Corporate-wide initiatives to increase accountability, visibility, and collaboration are frequent. However, leaders of marketing, transformation, and people-focused teams often find that their employees struggle to understand what they should be working on. With large siloes of systems, processes, and people, a significant portion of the average workday is spent trying to figure out what should be done next.

"For life sciences enterprises, it can take a long time to steer the boat and go through the MLR process. For that reason, every minute is crucial to ensure speed to market."

— Dan Swain, Director of Strategic Solutions, Workfront

The upstream cycle time of creative teams must meet demands for rapid speed-to-market. Creative teams are tasked with factoring in brand compliance alongside considerations for external review. Getting through processes and regulations with the FDA as well the MLR board frequently taxes resources and delays release to market. Inconsistent governance across the content development life cycle also threatens go-to-market initiatives and execution of marketing campaigns.

Siloed teams, manual processes, and inefficient collaboration methods prevent life sciences enterprises from delivering optimized customer experiences, content, and services at the speed and price point the market demands.

Leaders of marketing, transformation, and people- focused teams often find that their employees struggle to understand what they should be working on.

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