Competitive Agility Podcasts

Join our competitive agility experts as we explore what makes the agile business tick and uncover how to fund investments that will drive growth.

Competitive agility as competitive advantage

Competitive agility experts share their insights in this podcast series on agile business operations and how to invest in order to drive growth.

Building an intelligent enterprise

Get double the insights with Shiv Iyer and Mehul Desai as they unpack what it takes to become an intelligent enterprise and share examples of companies and industries that are getting it right. Learn about some of the potential pitfalls on the journey—and how to sidestep them.

Focus on the four pillars of retail transformation

What are the four pillars retailers must put in place to guarantee successful transformations? Wajih Effendi explains how companies in the retail space can innovate their culture, operating models, processes and people to find purpose and create unique experiences, engagements and offerings.

The CFO’s role in driving competitive agility

Join Ale Bossi as he discusses the importance of competitive agility for CFOs in consumer goods and retail. Learn how CFOs can use data and analytics to make better decisions and break the barriers across functions to deliver a better client experience.

How CPGs compete by balancing cost and growth

Mehul Desai is back and we’re talking about how traditional CPG companies can begin to compete by creating that vision, by keeping current operations ticking, and by meeting and exceeding stakeholder expectations, as they start to form the transformation path.

An agile supply chain for competitive agility

We’re talking to Mo Hajibashi about supply chain agility and how it can be a differentiator. Above all, recognizing that supply chain is not just an efficiency play, but a capability that can enable transformation for companies.

Gaining competitive agility is key to drive growth

What is competitive agility? Mehul Desai likens competitive agility to the business world’s version of a highly trained athlete – get fit, build muscle, and flex those muscles by scaling new businesses and aggressively fueling growth.

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