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Government of the future centre: Towards inclusive labor markets and lasting job opportunities.

In this video, senior government officials discuss their views on key challenges.

In May 2012, the Government of the Future Centre  held a roundtable to discuss the ways in which European Union member states could create a climate of sustainable employment, and to share initiatives that member states are currently taking. In this video, executives from several European countries discuss the possibilities and the challenges they are facing to foster inclusive labor markets and lasting job opportunities.

The executives – from Germany, Denmark and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) – reflect on how their countries and organizations can encourage sustainable employment, what are the challenges for governments in the future and what are the key thoughts they take away from this roundtable. All argue that sustainable employment means avoiding long period unemployment and inactivity. All agree that sustainable employment is about fostering collaboration and coordination between education organizations, private companies and public employment services to develop tailored solutions for targeted group of people.

Recorded at the High-Level Roundtable for Government Executives on Sustainable Employment, May 2012.