Top athletes know preparing for the Olympics is an all-consuming challenge. But it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to show the world your very best. What’s true for exceptional competitors is true for an exceptional city, too. As the 2016 Olympics approached, Rio’s airport knew an extra half million sports fans would be flocking to the city. And they needed to provide these extra passengers with nothing less than a world-class experience.

So, we partnered with the airport to develop a digital solution that would meet these new customer needs, while also creating new connections and revenue streams. That would mean a smarter way to travel – even after the games were over.

What Accenture did

It was clear this called for a comprehensive digital solution that could be tailored to each travelers’ needs. To start, we created a high-level roadmap with RIOgaleão to use as a guide throughout the digital transformation. Then, using our Connected Travel Platform, we built the foundation for an integrated, open solution that would interact with passengers from the moment they arrived. Integrating physical spaces, equipment, technology systems and mobile devices, this platform enables RIOgaleão to deliver consistent, contextualized digital experiences in real time.

And lastly, a new mobile app gave travelers up-to-the-minute information on flight status, travel alerts, and exclusive offers – not to mention 60 minutes of free internet access. Using a network of 3,000 geo-positioning beacons, the app can guide passengers around the airport with remarkable accuracy – from where to check-in to the nearest food stand. It even lets them pay for airport parking with the touch of a finger. So RIOgaleão became more than just a place to pass through. It is a place to stop for an experience.

3,000 Geo-Positioning Beacons

60 mins free Internet Access

Pay for Parking Instantly

Increased Revenue streams

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Value delivered

RIOgaleão is showing how to form deeper relationships between travelers and airports in today’s digital world and offer a unique customer experience. Using the latest IoT technology and their new interactive digital channel, the airport is now more connected to travelers than ever, with location services, flight information and more, all available on their mobile devices. And the airport is also reaping benefits with new partnerships and revenue streams. What’s more, the flexible solution lets the airport quickly and easily launch new services, like parking reservations and app payments.

That’s opening up new opportunities to win with passengers long after the Olympics so they’ll never get anything less than a gold-medal performance.
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