Call for change

Streamlining systems for more transparency

When a leading biotechnology company deployed Workday globally in 2018, its Canadian business sought to harmonize its own HR systems and leverage the cloud-based platform. The business needed to synchronize two different methods that were being used to manage its HR systems across four siloed workforces. Absences and leave time were processed manually via spreadsheets, and approvals were sent through email chains. These disparate systems meant it was impossible to have a holistic view that provided transparency into processes for leadership and workers alike. The aim was to enable a more integrated and efficient HR operation, and standardize and streamline its payroll benefits, applications, and processes.

When tech meets human ingenuity

Closely collaborating for success

Accenture and the client worked closely to plan the HR transformation and identify impacts of the new solution. The team streamlined communications to ensure everything was closely coordinated and problems were dealt with in real time, switching to regular virtual calls when the pandemic struck. Three cutovers were run to ensure all steps and timing would be accurate. Applying deep Workday and industry knowledge, Accenture equipped the client team to perform the configuration migrations and setup. Meanwhile, the client’s team members understood the Canadian requirements, knew which key decision-maker could help expedite decisions, and aligned with their global Workday standards.

A valuable difference

Automating analyses means teams work smarter not harder

The solution was integrated on time and under budget. HR resources in Canada now spend less time on day-to-day transactional steps and more time on strategic HR work, such as planning new HR initiatives, allowing the teams to work smarter not harder by minimizing the burden of manual processes. The client is now getting the most from the deployment of an “all-in-one” integrated solution to handle benefits, payroll, and absences.

The Workday cloud-based platform has also allowed the company to establish consistent processes and reporting across its businesses. Benefits include:

  1. Reducing payroll processing time
  2. Automating compensation plans, benefits processes, continuation of benefits, and pensions calculations—which were previously performed manually
  3. Customizing processes to accommodate tax differences from one province to another
  4. Pulling data into one system, allowing for accurate, real time reporting, for instance on who is on continuation, who is retired, etc

There is also greater policy consistency between affiliates, more HR data and analytics, and a single system for all HR functions.

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