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Case Study

Accenture True Supplier Marketplace delivers

A blockchain solution driving disruptive transformation in the increasingly complex environment of supplier procurement

Call for change

When tech meets human ingenuity

True Supplier Marketplace features:

A single user interface for both supplier and all buyer teams provides process transparency and speeds onboarding.

Corporate identity profile provides a single point of consented access to recent data.

The system identifies low-risk suppliers and helps fast-track onboarding because suppliers provide only relevant data and risk assessments.

Maintenance and liability of profile data shifts to supplier to improve data veracity.

Onboarding progress status and smart notifications facilitate bi-directional transparency between buyer and supplier.

Efficient onboarding and up-to-date payment data supports discount capture and on-time payments.

A valuable difference


Compliance rate achieved through embedded risk assessments and workflow logic


Reduction in time to onboard a supplier end to end—from 15 days to 4 days


Reduction in manual data entry through automation and the reduction in number of questions, which improve efficiency and save money

Meet the team

Shane Marshall

Managing Director – Global IT, Client & Market Technology

Tricia Miller

Director of Profitable & Responsible Buying

Eric Harbach

Director – Global IT, Corporate Technology