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Use application portfolio optimization to unleash IT value

Meet current and future IT business requirements with an agile application portfolio.


Application Portfolio Optimization helps ensure your application strategy is in tune with increasingly complex technology portfolios and legacy platforms that are not able to keep pace.

It can also help businesses derive greater value from their technology investments and “future-proof” the application landscape while optimizing their application portfolios to reduce their total cost by 10 to 15 percent on the critical applications, data, and infrastructures needed for the current and future demands of the business.

By aligning business strategy and technology strategy, companies that apply Application Portfolio Optimization are better able to reinvest in the right new technologies to improve their competitive edge.

Application Portfolio Optimization

Why Accenture

Application Portfolio Optimization provides businesses with the necessary insight into the application portfolio to develop a strategy and plan to:

  • Ensure strategic alignment between the application landscape and business imperatives

  • Reduce application redundancies and drive standardization

  • Assess and address technology risks and sprawl

  • Analyze the functional and technical adequacy to drive alignment, standards, and identify new advanced technologies

  • Confirm financial fit, so the total cost of ownership is in line with the outcomes delivered, while ensuring the application portfolio is agile and flexible enough to meet current and future business requirements.

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