Digital Auditing

Discovering your customers’ web and mobile behavior to improve business agility and the overall customer experience.


Unlock the full potential of the digital evolution

Customers form a positive or negative opinion before they even have a live interaction with your representative. Never before has analyzing online behavior been more critical—over the Web, on mobile devices and with a service representative.

With Digital Auditing you can see exactly what your customers see and experience when interacting with your web site. Digital Auditing enables viewing, Google-like searching, reporting and analysis of all static and dynamic content, system errors, images and anything else your customers encounter. Using free text search and reporting, business users can create reports and view customer journeys on-demand in just seconds, bringing new levels of accessibility to marketing, sales support and other stakeholders—driving both conversions and customer satisfaction.


Accelerate resolution with fewer escalations
The ability to view pages from current and past browsing sessions shortens average handling times by one-third or more, while providing better service and a higher rate of first-call resolution.

Increase customer satisfaction
Being able to track consumer interactions allows carriers to understand how customers are interacting with them and where to make adjustments.

Reduce operational and regulatory risks
Record and digitally stamp each and every user session for internal audit, risk management, compliance, IT governance and customer dispute resolution.

Improve efficiency for customers, agents and home office users
Complex areas and time-consuming transactions can be tracked to make operational improvements and decrease costs.

Gain more responsive and accurate customer service
Service and support professionals are able to proactively identify website problems and provide more reliable, efficient and faster service and support, across all service tiers.

Reduce non-reproducible faults
IT help desk staff can see exactly what the fault is as well as the exact error message and other details so that the issue can be fixed; clients have reduced non-reproducible faults by 95%.

Accelerate deployment with minimal overhead
With platform deployment in just days, business users are empowered to create their own reports on-demand and view customer journey sessions in real time, with no IT involvement.

Easy integration
Seamless integration is enabled with the Accenture Life Insurance & Annuity Platform (ALIP) as well as popular analytic systems to extend functionality and capabilities.


Dispute resolution
Recordings show exactly what customers saw and agreed to. Call center representatives can also connect to a co-browsing session during the service call, shortening average handing times by one-third or more.

Playback and analyze individual customer digital journeys using powerful “Google-like” search and reporting capabilities. Generate reports in seconds and drill down into site usability and functionality instantly.

Defect analysis
Replay scenarios and reproduce issues and defects in order to perform proactive defect analysis to support timely corrective measures.

Employee training
Customer interaction recordings can be used to improve the skills of new or existing customer service representatives.