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Making a greater good

Social Innovators

Accenture's video shares how we are making a greater good in the world around us by working together as social innovators. See more.

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Changing the world one idea at a time

Our diverse collective of innovators shapes ideas into far-reaching solutions to complex societal challenges and brings these innovations to life.

Glory Dela Paz

Glory created E-Healthworker, an Android-enabled app that reduces the amount of time it takes to provide malnourished children in the Philippines with treatment and care. Read more.

Rob O’Connor

Rob is on the team that developed our virtual homecare program using voice and vision technology to improve senior citizens’ ability to connect with their community and families. Read more.

Yvena Atkins

By leveraging human-centered design, Yvena and team developed a framework to understand the needs of mid-career workers and support them as they embrace new career pathways. Read more.

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Helping people all over the world

We help individuals around the world drive improved economic opportunities for themselves, their families and their communities.


Claire is leveraging the power of digital to take her jewelry business to the next level thanks to Accenture’s Digital Skills courses. Read more.

Tiffany and Tyrone

Tiffany and Tyrone had little support when launching their own business, so they sought out Youth Business USA, which set them up for success. Read more.


Job Stations provided training and support, so Cristiano could leverage his (dis)ability in a smart way. Read more.


Without advanced training or education, Natali’s job options were limited, but she was able to gain digital and business skills to pursue a career in technology through Start. Read more.

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More about corporate citizenship

Corporate Citizenship report 2018: Improving the way the world works and lives
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