Transforming the end-to-end traveler experience

Customer expectations have changed, demanding digital solutions that simplify a complex travel journey.

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Find your way through today’s travel landscape

The next travel adaptation

As travel companies pursue growth in this post-pandemic era, they are grappling with an evolving landscape where uncertainty is the rule, not the exception.

Customer expectations are changing due to forces outside the travel industry. Many processes still rely on manual interactions, lagging behind the rise of always on-demand e-commerce businesses. Reduced travel demand in the wake of the pandemic has placed pressure to reduce overall costs to outweigh missing revenues. Operational deficits caused by staff shortages have negatively impacted processes, cost, and customer experiences.

Innovation can help travel companies adapt to this ever-changing landscape and tap into bold new opportunities. We help travel companies build the right approach across channels to create safe, secure, and seamless experiences that rebuild confidence among travelers and employees.


A holistic traveler journey, realized

The travel industry needs a holistic approach to transformation that includes technology, people and processes. Accenture can help companies capture demand and stay competitive, identifying opportunities and gaps to become an industry frontrunner.

Lean marketing processes

Meet new sustainable demands and exceed B2B/business travel expectations with efficient, data-driven marketing processes built for growth.

New sales opportunities

Focus on direct channel experiences that foster proactive sales along the full customer journey, including non-core customers.

Seamless servicing

Streamline digital operations with 24/7 self-service access that empower employees to refocus on valuable customer experiences.

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How we help

You can’t control the forces shaping the travel industry, but you can control your own future. Our experts work with the world’s leading airline, hospitality and travel service companies to build creative and pragmatic solutions for their business.


Generate cost savings with an optimized digital strategy process intended to identify new B2B/MICE/M&E leads and increase revenues.


Diversify your business, enhance customer loyalty and boost conversion rates by optimizing your pricing and booking experience.

Customer care and servicing

Streamline operations for customers by creating an omni-channel experience with built-in digital servicing and self-service processes.

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More revenue, more engagement with our Net New Revenue Platform

Our Net New Revenue Platform (NNRP) allows travel organizations to reimagine customer interaction and dramatically increase revenue from newly created marketplaces. 

NNRP works with Non-Fungible Token (NFT) technology. It combines the digital and physical worlds by letting people turn NFTs into real life experiences:

  • Offerings can be tailored and personalized to the appropriate time in the journey.
  • Dramatically increase revenue and unlock untapped value by upgrading how choices are made.
  • Data reporting and analytics are all available on one dashboard in real time.
  • Highly economical to deploy alongside existing channels, making the whole process - including redemption - extremely simple.

Upgrading the traveler experience with Non-Fungible Tokens

NFTs have enormous potential as they bring travelers’ choices to life, with immersive and innovative experiences. They are the new key to unlocking value for brands and upgrading customer engagement from legacy techniques.

Increase share of wallet

NNRP organizes multiple traveler purchasing decisions into one place, giving travel companies improved insight into travelers’ budgets.

Next level consumer involvement

In trials, NNRP has shown itself to be fun, engaging and different, giving users positive and memorable experiences.

A new era in loyalty

NFT marketplaces always personalize to the user’s preferences, making them more compelling and collectable.

Unlock value everywhere

NFTs create value for travelers and travel companies alike, offering huge potential for the industry right now and in the metaverse of the future.

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Case studies

The rules for travel have changed. See how our clients are creating innovative experiences that meet new expectations and rebuild trust with customers.

Banyan Tree Group piloted a digital scavenger hunt at its Laguna Phuket resort to increase its customer experience and boost ancillary revenue.

The goal? To leverage Radisson’s brand equity to curate exceptional digital customer experiences.

Changi Airport’s digital factory helps them quickly experiment, develop, and launch new digital products and services—from conceptualization to delivery.

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Insights into the travel experience

Explore the changing realities of travel in our digital travel industry magazine.

Leading travel companies are creating new value from data and fast-tracking their return to growth. As a result, they are enjoying major benefits.

We explore what companies should do to respond to new travel preferences and improve the travel experience.

Travel loyalty—winning travelers' hearts and minds

To win customer loyalty, travel providers need to combine three key aspects; soul, mind and body.


Why capturing the post-pandemic leisure traveler is the urgent priority for travel companies.

Traditionally customer service has been a cost center. Our new research explores why now is the time to transform service to become a value creator.

Miguel Flecha describes the return of business travel and uncovers 3 potential new segments with leisure at the core.

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