Accenture Personalization Accelerator for Travel

A toolkit of capabilities that delivers hyper-relevance experiences at speed and scale for travel companies.

"It’s about creating hyper-relevant adventures in real-time for our customers. The Accenture Personalization Accelerator for Travel enables travel companies to provide personalized experiences and adventures for the customer – before, during and after the trip."

— MIKE TANSEY, Managing Director


Digital marketing expertise

As one of the largest digital agencies in the world, Accenture has the capabilities to help companies deliver a personalized customer experience.

Digital marketing technology implementation

Accenture has extensive experience in implementing marketing technology solutions for firms across a wide range of industries, including travel.

Customer 360 databases

Having designed, built and run large customer 360 databases for major travel clients, our systems integration experience is a key differentiator.

AI algorithms and models

Proprietary algorithms and models from Accenture Applied Intelligence to help companies accelerate their personalization journey much faster.

Amadeus system integration and digital API

The Amadeus Altéa platform is the backbone for major airlines and is an essential solution to help travel companies deliver hyper-relevant experiences.

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Context driven customer experience

The Accenture Personalization Accelerator for Travel delivers a context driven customer experience for both marketing and operations, recognizing and reflecting the true value of each customer and responding appropriately.

To bring this accelerator to life, we have developed 'Flyou – The Hyper-Relevant Digital Airline'.

Through the lens of Flyou we have programmed a number of scenarios using our accelerator to clearly demonstrate how travel companies can deliver context driven hyper-relevance experience to their customers.

Watch Flyou in action.

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Flying High with Our Personalization Accelerator

Accenture's video explores how Flyou—a digital airline created to demonstrate hyper-relevance in action—leverages our Personalization Accelerator. See more.

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Delivering fast, agile, scalable innovation


First use cases can be delivered within 3 months.


AI engine refines algorithms over time and new more relevant use cases added every 6 weeks.


Platform components have operated at over 100m records.

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Meet our lead

Mike leads the Accenture Travel and Hospitality business across Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East & Turkey that includes airlines, airports, hospitality and travel services organizations.

Mike Tansey

Managing Director