Platform Experience

Provide the best user experiences along the complete user journey, whatever the context.

Optimize user experience at every stage

As platform companies grow and evolve, the essence of what a digital platform is – and what it offers its users – is changing just as rapidly.

Platform companies can’t ignore how users access their content and features through traditional interfaces. But they also have to pay close attention to the new digital user experience delivered through technologies like voice and AR/VR. And that’s not all. The boundaries between physical and digital worlds are blurring. Breakthrough technologies are empowering human agents to interact with platform users in completely new ways.

It’s time to develop an all-encompassing platform experience. In today’s hypercompetitive environment, manipulated or altered content can damage platform experiences—not to mention reputations, brands and businesses. What can platform companies do to stop manipulated media? Watch the video to learn more. 

Manipulated Media

Accenture's video shows how well are you able to spot manipulated media and how we help clients identify manipulated media to protect reputations. See more.

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How we can help

Accenture’s Platform Experience services help our clients optimize the user experience on their platforms along the full user journey.

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Content Experience

Content must be constantly fresh, always relevant, totally safe and utterly compelling.

Solutions we provide:

  • AI-powered content moderation & curation
  • Policy consulting & automation
  • Agent assist AI deployment
  • Responsible AI coaching
  • Operations effectiveness consulting
  • AI assessment & planning

Edge Experience

Platform experiences —digital, physical, and human—must provide integrated and optimized interactions for every user, wherever they are.

Solutions we provide:

  • New experience design & prototyping
  • Policy consulting & review
  • New experience security consulting/monitoring
  • New market entry strategy
  • AI tools for edge service operations
  • Partner and customer support services

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Listen to our podcast series: On the Platform

Platform companies are growing and evolving at digital speed. What we understand as a digital platform today will have changed by tomorrow.

Companies must take care of the content and features exposed through their traditional UX. But they also have to think about how these experiences are migrating to new digital endpoints like voice and AR/VR, spreading out into the physical world and reaching customers through human representatives.

Find out what leading platform companies are doing to maintain engaging, relevant, secure experiences—from end to end.


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