SharePoint connector for Elasticsearch

Providing secure, efficient data connectivity between SharePoint and Elasticsearch

Unify your data for a seamless search experience

Most organizations have content stored across multiple content repositories built on multiple products and technologies, whether developed in-house or by vendors. Reliably and securely acquiring content from one or multiple enterprise repositories is complex because every repository has a unique structure and security configuration. As a result, organizations may find it daunting to access their data to provide a unified search and analytics experience.

Accenture’s SharePoint connector for Elasticsearch is one of our 50+ high-performing and secure data connectors, providing flexibility and performance for indexing SharePoint content into Elasticsearch. This connector can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

SharePoint connector for Elasticsearch features


Supports multiple Microsoft SharePoint versions, including SharePoint Online


Allows for sophisticated document-level security


Optimizes indexing performance while remaining friendly to the SharePoint repository

Metadata processing

Provides comprehensive metadata capture, mapping, and extraction functions to enable advanced search features and enhance the search experience

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Saga Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

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