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Accenture Upstream Production Operations Training for SAP

Accenture provides online, classroom and client-customized training for Production Revenue Accounting, Upstream Operations Management and Joint Venture Accounting.


With unprecedented growth and a shortage of specialized hydrocarbon and revenue accounting skills, operators are straining to keep pace with the volume of work, retain experienced staff and develop new talent.

Traditional ways of building these capabilities can no longer scale talent quick enough to meet the growing demand. Operators need industrialized, reliable and cost-efficient approaches to growing and retaining talent.

That’s why we have developed Accenture Upstream Production Operations Training for SAP which includes online, classroom, virtual and customizable training for PRA, UOM and JVA.

Accenture Upstream Production Operations Training for SAP supports Accenture’s and SAP’s co-innovation of end-to-end solutions and services for the hydrocarbon and revenue accounting industry.

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Why Accenture

With more than 600 skilled hydrocarbon and revenue accounting resources globally, training is developed and delivered by the top industry and solution experts. Focused on the “why,” not just the “how,” attendees learn by doing, with hands on practice of real life scenarios. Accenture provides a one-stop training offering for business process, transactional and system configuration needs.

Accenture is an industry leader in delivering advanced learning solutions that are scalable and flexible, harnessing innovative technologies and learning designs in a way that is also standardized and cost-effective. With over 30 years of training development experience, Accenture provides one of the largest learning services capabilities in the world, delivering comprehensive learning and workforce performance solutions to more than one million learners globally.