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Accenture named #1 provider in global Salesforce Services

Independent research firm CapioIT designated Accenture as the clear leader and Market Maker.


Highlights from the report:

  • “Accenture is clearly the number one provider in the global Salesforce Services market. It has achieved this firstly with a strong vision of the future, but then it complimented this with considerable investment in the Salesforce ecosystem.”

  • Accenture …”established primacy in the early days of the evolution of the Salesforce platform and has maintained this with both organic and inorganic growth since.”

  • “The most compelling statistic for the dominance of Accenture in the market is the number of certified Salesforce resources. Accenture has a pool of resources that is almost three (3) times that of its nearest rival.”

  • “It holds leadership, either outright or in partnership with other vendors in 15 of the 17 attributes included in the study.”


(© Copyright capioIT Source: capioIT Global Systems Integration and Services Providers Capture Share Report; Phil Hassey; Sept 2016)

Accenture Cloud and SaaS Solutions

Accenture believes this rating is further evidence of Accenture’s leadership in providing cloud computing services to our customers. Since 2004, Accenture has designed and delivered more than 1,200 successful enterprise-scale, Salesforce-based solutions. We bring 8,000+ skilled Salesforce resources—which includes the largest pool of Salesforce certified professionals.

Today, Accenture with its deep functional and industry skills and decades of experience with the world’s leading businesses and governments, is Salesforce’s #1 global alliance partner. Learn more at

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