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Accenture Hospitality Center of Excellence​

Meet our team members and learn how they deliver best-in-class hospitality operations


Find out how the team at our Knoxville Hospitality Center of Excellence is providing Finance and Accounting services to lower cost and improve controls and efficiencies without capital investment.

Accenture’s deep immersion in the core of the Hospitality Industry for nearly 15 years through what is now Accenture Hospitality Services has made our Hospitality Practice the most knowledgeable and capable in the world, able to help solve the most pressing strategic issues of the business.

Watch the videos below to hear from a few of our team members and learn how Accenture Hospitality Services is adding value to our clients’ businesses.

Meet the team

What is Accenture Hospitality Services?
Listen to the Global Lead Mike Boushka explain Accenture Hospitality Services.

Industry Experience
Learn how the combination of talent from both the corporate side of Hospitality and the property side —enables the team to deliver the best possible outcome for our clients.

Standardized Processes, Individual Attention
Learn how we blend the best of both worlds to achieve outcomes and service excellence.

Client Disbursements
The client disbursements team focuses on accounts payable and travel card and expense report services. This team, which has specialized knowledge of banking regulations outside the US, processes over 6 million invoices a year in over 40 currencies across 70 countries.

Corporate General Accounting
Providing General accounting for all functional areas of the business, this team ensures consistency in practices across various disciplines. Addressing 1700 different corporate administrative departments, the team collaborates as a true extension of our clients’ team by leveraging analytics that enables our clients to act as business advisors.

Customer Service and Credit Card Operations
In addition to credit card application processing, each month this team handles over 6 million dollars in credit card payments and manages over 10,000 post settlement adjustments in the same time period. Customer service response time is a critical component to success and all service requests are fulfilled within 24 hours.

Revenue Services
This team performs corporate revenue services such as automating invoice and cash application processes. Our clients are better enabled to maintain invoice timelines and have seen significant decreases in billing dispute resolutions. In total, the team bills over 4,000 entities including client owners, franchisees and corporate offices.