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Making enterprise environments ready for the digital future: Map your journey.

With a cloud-first, digital-first strategy, Accenture and Avanade can help you re-invent your core enterprise systems with Microsoft technologies and transform to a high-velocity enterprise.


Enterprise systems used to be thought of as relatively constant and unchanging. Today, the pressure is on to keep them in sync with massive waves of technology and business disruption.

Companies must transform their enterprise environments to be digitally-powered, cloud-enabled and highly-connected.

How Accenture Can Help

Mapping your journey to the digital future

From creating a digital roadmap to embracing a digital user experience and enabling a cloud-first approach, Scott Harrison shares our unique vision for how organizations can use Microsoft technologies to transform into a high-velocity enterprise.

Client Case Studies

A leading brewing company unlocks the power of SAP with Microsoft-powered digital mobility solution

Accenture helped a leading brewing company develop a mobile application to help its salesforce make data-driven decisions by leveraging real-time data when negotiating commercial agreements and effectively target promotional activity. With Avanade, an Accenture joint venture that focuses on Microsoft technologies, Accenture integrated an SAP back-end system with a Microsoft Windows mobile platform for the application. Sales representatives can now share, collect, analyze and use real-time data anywhere and anytime. Ultimately, the organization is able to empower sales representatives to be effective in the field.


 Scott Harrison
Scott Harrison
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"A high-velocity enterprise extends its business processes and applications with a digital user experience plus the power of the cloud."

Scott Harrison

Global Microsoft Platform lead