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Finance and accounting BPO services: Profit Recovery and Analytics

Helping organizations drive toward high performance with innovative prevention, detection and recovery services.


Problems in procure-to-pay come at you from a variety of angles: Duplicate payments, invoice errors, “fat-finger” data-entry mistakes, failing to take appropriate discounts.

Whatever the case, it all adds up to lost profits, and you can’t have that. Getting it right requires comprehensive and holistic solutions.

The good news is that with our advanced analytics tools, in a matter of weeks, we will help detect and recover lost profits, identify root causes of underperformance, prevent future overpayments, and smoke out opportunities to avoid unnecessary costs and improve processes and controls generally.

We’re here to provide an ounce of prevention – and more – for your business’ health.

Accenture will vault you from a reactionary, after-the-fact mindset to a proactive position where you’re identifying errors before payments are made.

Why Accenture

We've got the advanced technology at our fingertips and the size and scope to transform the entire procure-to-pay ecosystem.

We have operations in 48 countries and speak nearly as many different languages. Our professionals boast decades of financial consulting experience helping businesses and governments achieve the highest levels of performance.

Furthermore, we all start with the premise that reaping the full value of profit recovery depends on sustainable, lasting improvements.

A couple of favorite arrows in our quiver include the Accenture Transaction Compliance & Analytics and Procure-to-Pay Audit tools, both designed to automate analysis of large volumes of complex data.

Accenture has an established track record recovering a higher percentage of lost profits than the industry average of 0.1 percent of total spend investigated.


Accenture can help your organization drive toward high performance with a distinctive value proposition:

  • Prevention of overpayments. Our unique, proprietary technology toolsets can help detect and prevent vendor overpayments in real time and monitor transaction accuracy.

  • Post-payment recovery audit. With a combination of proven processes, proprietary technology and experienced personnel, Accenture can help you identify losses and recover overpayments.

  • Business analytics. Analysis of payables transactions locates process weaknesses and identifies opportunities to enhance your finance capabilities.

  • Risk-free arrangement. For recovery and prevention, we work on a gain-sharing basis. Your organization can enjoy a risk-free engagement, with payment based on results achieved. If there is no recovery, there is no fee.

  • Integrated option for Finance BPO clients. Profit Recovery and Analytics may be delivered as an ongoing service to our finance and accounting BPO clients.