Compliance, risk and operations: Payments

By transforming ancillary services, banks can better manage risk and operational efficiency in pursuit of high performance.


With heightened focus on regulatory compliance and operational efficiency, banks must look at ancillary services.

Achieving operational efficiency with effective compliance and risk functions is critical to a modern, competitive payment operation. Electronic transaction volume growth, new regulations—particularly for sanctions, anti-money laundering (AML) and fraud detection—and the trend toward real-time processing provide a considerable challenge to achieving operational efficiency, including efficient operational liquidity management.

To complement its payment and cards renewal capabilities, Accenture Payments offers consulting and technology services for:

  • Sanctions, AML and fraud

  • Operational liquidity management

  • Business activity monitoring



Accenture combines our comprehensive banking knowledge with innovative technology resources and industry-leading research. Accenture risk management capabilities ensure that our clients have access to the tools and resources that they need to make informed decisions and limit risk exposure.

With more than 100 major clients worldwide, Accenture Payments helps our clients improve their risk management and regulatory compliance. The Accenture liquidity risk management framework has closely knit elements that focus on identifying and managing risk comprehensively. Our payment transformation methodology considers aspects like multi-bank and multi-entity solutions, ensuring effective risk management in even the most complex situations.