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Accenture Video Solution: User experience

Delight customers with video experiences that exceed their expectations and they will make you king.

AVS enables you to connect with your users in a new way through personalized, analytics-based experiences and compelling graphical interfaces.

Select the level of customization you require, from our ready-to-use reference user interface (UI) and apps, to selective modifications using the AVS Open Software Development Kit (SDK), or a complete custom build.

AVS moves at the speed of the market—so you can go from idea to launch in a matter of weeks.


Three options to launch video apps for different customization needs and time scales

AVS Reference User Interface AVS Open SDK AVS Back End API Integration


AVS comes with a reference User Interface (UI) and complete set of apps
that are ready for rapid market launch and designed
to maximize customer engagement.

The pre-integrated apps provide server-side configurability on key user experience elements. A Dynamic Configurator tool enables you to modify your user experience at run-time and personlize the look and feel of your UI.

The AVS reference UI is available for technologies including web, iOS, Android and Roku.

The reference UI includes a catalog of over 300 off-the-shelf features, such as:

  • Behavioral adaption to customer segments

  • Device synchronization

  • Social network integration

  • Content discovery and recommendations

  • Reminders

  • Download to go


Build a custom user experience with your own brand-specific design by leveraging the AVS Open SDK.

Our standards-compliant, versatile toolset includes a large catalog of ready-to-use objects and libraries, enabling you to autonomously modify or develop services and features. The AVS Open SDK is supported on more than 7000 device types and technologies, including HTML (web and Samsung connected TVs), Roku, iOS and Android. Our dedicated AVS Open SDK is available for IPTV set-top boxes.

Benefits of using the AVS Open SDK include:

  • An easy to build, customized user experience with reduced development and maintenance effort

  • Test automation tools and framework, including StormTest® integration

  • An open app framework and secure player plugin for third party service integration

  • Integrated analytics for real time segmentation data

  • Independency from Accenture as system integrator for app development

  • Standardized developer access to the AVS back end and fast knowledge transfer for rapid training

  • Automatic updates for operating system or AVS back end evolutions

  • Continuous expansion of the MW API layer, with full functionality

Our specialist teams can also support you in developing bespoke UIs and apps at speed, built to your exact specifications. The AVS Digital Delivery Factory in Riga (Latvia) specializes in video delivery, processes and methodologies, with an Agile and DevOps approach and a strong focus on continuous innovation.

In addition, with a custom build, you can utilize the world-class skills of our Fjord designers. Experts in powerful cross-device user experiences, this global design consultancy was acquired by Accenture in 2013.

Alternatively, your own providers can use the AVS Open SDK to build your custom apps and UI, leveraging the AVS Third Party Program for improved delivery quality.


The highest level of solution customization is available through AVS Back End API integration.

This option enables you to build a fully personalized service on top of the powerful technology of AVS. We can provide you with open access to a set of micro-granular, fully documented back end APIs, enabling you to build brand new, customized apps for your customers. This is particularly useful for the integration of new technologies into the AVS platform.

Back end APIs allow you to integrate any device, platform or third party component, providing you with the ability to extend AVS with the products and functionalities that you require.

Accenture has a track record of successful implementations, including connected TVs, Blu-ray devices, dongles, proprietary and off-the-shelf set-top boxes, gaming consoles, tablets and smartphones.

A Third Party Program is also available to enable your own team or a third party of your choice to develop and integrate custom applications and services for AVS by using our APIs. As part of this program, we offer:

  • A consolidated training program for your team or third party

  • Support options for your team or third party as they develop apps leveraging our APIs

  • Pre-deployment quality and compatibility testing, to ensure flawless performance.