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What banks can do to grow their treasury business

August 30, 2022 5-MINUTE READ


In brief

New competition and evolving customer expectations

"The arrival of API-enabled solutions and fit-for-purpose fintech capabilities is likely to alter the composition of treasury management products and services revenue pools. This will influence bank strategies for years to come."

— Margaret Weichert, Managing Director – Payments Lead, North America, Accenture

Banks should not be complacent

Why are bank customers considering the move to a fintech for treasury services?

Flex offerings and experiences to customer needs

Customize your offerings and experiences to meet customer needs in their preferred environments.

Focus on value-added services

Banks that offer an ecosystem of services like real-time visibility in portals, analytics tools, and forecasting stand out from competitors.

Optimize pricing

Pricing structure and transparency are critical, as cost is a primary reason banks switch to fintechs.

Empower treasury management talent

Customers prefer human engagement with treasury solutions – don't forget it is still a people business.

59% of survey respondents are aware that fintech providers offer treasury services that could reduce their reliance on existing banking partners.


Timothy O'Donnell

Managing Director – Payments, US Northeast

Jake Horne

Director – Consulting, Banking

Brian Rutland

Director – Strategy, Banking

Tom Skomba

Director – Strategy, Banking


Jared Rorrer

Managing Director – Global Commercial Banking Lead

Margaret Weichert

Managing Director – Payments Lead, North America