Sorgenia, one of the leading Italian utilities producing and selling electricity and natural gas (with about 300,000 national customers), has begun a digital transformation journey that will support flexible business growth during the transition to deregulation, improve communications and enable new services that attract and retain customers. Sorgenia is the utility with the highest rate of customer acquisition through digital channels in Italy.

To optimize its strategic positioning and costs, Sorgenia turned to innovative technological solutions. It embarked on a complex digital transformation project centered on the cloud computing of Microsoft, the strategy and technology consulting of Accenture and the collaboration of Avanade, a joint venture between Accenture and Microsoft. The goal was to design and develop the “journey to the cloud.”

Strategy and solution

The cloud migration project involved multiple areas of Sorgenia’s core business. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud platform helped optimize the acquisition of new customers without compromising existing customer relationships. It also enabled minor customizations required by the utility market, such as enabling CRM to dialog with the credit-check systems to verify the creditworthiness of news customers.

Dynamics 365 running in synergy with Dynamics AX on Azure has made processes more efficient. Both tools are deeply integrated with Sorgenia’s other business solutions and deliver efficiencies by simplifying process automation. System integration gives Sorgenia extra synergy across diverse areas and generates insights that feed into everyday business activities. Microsoft Dynamics AX resolves two major needs for Sorgenia: it gives the utility the scalability it needs to address surges in energy demand and allows it to rapidly build robust design environments for testing and developing pilots which are fundamental for generating competitive advantage in the utilities industry.

"The cloud is the best solution that enables us to grow flexibly and seamlessly manage the gradual acquisition of a large number of clients without particular problems or subsequent implementations, whether it is the abolition of current consumer protections or the expansion of our customer base."

– SIMONE LO NOSTRO, Market Director and ICT – Sorgenia


Thanks to its collaboration with Accenture, Sorgenia has transformed its business by aligning it with the factors that make a difference in today’s utility sector: speed, precision, punctuality, an excellent customer experience and cost savings.

Reduced execution times

A 15 to 20% reduction in the time needed to carry out key operations and back-office activities.

Better performance

Improved billing cycle performance.

Agile production

The enablement of smart working; approximately 300 Sorgenia employees now take one work-from-home day per week.

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Future scenario

A further step in Sorgenia's digital transformation project is the creation of a Data Hub that offers computational and analytical capabilities and delivers increasingly personalized communications and services. This solution has enabled Sorgenia to lay the groundwork for efficiently managing Big Data in compliance with the higher standard of security and privacy guaranteed by the Microsoft cloud in the new GDPR. Thanks to the new Data Hub, Sorgenia will be able to obtain further insights and deliver increasingly personalized offers and communications to its customers.

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