As the world’s largest cancer charity, Cancer Research UK (CRUK) supports the best scientists, doctors and nurses to discover new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. The disease affects people all over the world, and CRUK works globally, partnering with other organizations and funding research across five continents. Over the past 40 years, its research into more than 200 types of cancer has helped to double survival rates. When (CRUK) decided to move to a new location, they embraced the opportunity to transition to a truly intelligent operating model.

Strategy and Solution

CRUK had a unique opportunity to review how its employees would adapt to a future-ready workplace. The objective was to create Future Ways of Working (FWOW) to support a new environment that would encourage collaboration and innovation, drive efficiencies at every turn and support employees in their life-saving research.

CRUK’s initial goal was to identify ways to establish two critical elements of an intelligent operating model: an environment that attracts and retains innovative talent, and a technology backbone that utilizes the power of the cloud to drive collaboration, speed and IT efficiencies.

The future comes to life

CRUK wanted a third-party expert to validate its FWOW vision and guide the transition to its future-ready workplace. They turned to Accenture to help bring their vision to life.


Over a 10-week period, Accenture provided an assessment of CRUK’s initial FWOW thinking.


Armed with these insights, Accenture produced a series of 30 FWOW recommendations.


These recommendations were based on their impact to existing and scheduled commitments, and a roadmap developed to maximize adoption over a two-year period.

Accenture’s assessment helped CRUK to crystallize its vision, mission, roadmap and actions for creating FWOW. What’s more, the plan, aligned to CRUK’s beliefs (be brave, be sharp, be united) and enthusiastically endorsed by CRUK’s leaders, has given the workforce confidence in the changes ahead. It’s also ignited excitement about what the future holds and a real buzz around the art of the possible.

“Accenture’s recommendations and implementation plan brought, rigor, focus and tangible actions to help us create a future workplace that will support our staff in delivering our ambition of three in four people surviving cancer by 2034.”

– MARTIN ELMER, Director of Property – CRUK


In time, FWOW, supported by public cloud, will drive cost savings through increased productivity, a more flexible workforce and improved knowledge-sharing organization-wide. Together, these improvements will help accelerate the important work against cancer.

With the cloud as its foundation, the new workplace will deliver benefits at every level. It will help to attract and retain the innovative talent that’s so key to CRUK’s future success. It will supply the tools and training CRUK’s people need to optimise their performance. And as a physical and virtual environment, it will encourage employees to work together to solve problems, share information and actively seek out opportunities for collaboration.

It’s a complete reinvention of CRUK’s workplace environment, drawing on the power of the cloud. And it’s helping CRUK’s workforce to embrace current and future changes that will help to prevent, control and cure cancer.

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