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Stedin: Award-winning IT platform integration leveraging SAP technology

Dutch grid operator Stedin improves customer focus with Accenture’s help in establishing an award winning independent, integrated IT platform, using SAP's industry-specific solution for the utilities industry.


To comply with government regulations and optimize business operations, Stedin wanted to unbundle its IT systems from its parent company Eneco and become more agile in responding to market developments and customer needs. The company implemented SAP’s industry-specific solution for the utilities industry by leveraging Accenture’s team of technical and industry advisors and proprietary tools and assets. The implementation helped Stedin optimize processes to improve productivity and efficiency, reduce costs by rationalizing IT systems and segregate its IT systems from the energy supplier to comply with government regulations.

Client profile
Stedin, a wholly owned subsidiary of Eneco, supplies gas and electricity to more than two million households, businesses and government organizations in three of the four cities in the Randstad—the Dutch conurbation which includes Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht—and also to the Rotterdam harbor area.


Stedin needed to comply with government regulations that mandated segregation of IT systems between a grid operator and an energy supplier. Stedin recognized this as an opportunity to unbundle its IT systems as a way to optimize business operations, become more agile in responding to market developments and gain an integrated view of the customer.

To optimize and support grid-market processes, Stedin chose to implement SAP’s industry-specific solution for the utilities industry (SAP IS-U). modules.


With a team that included SAP consultants from its Technology team and utilities industry advisors from its Resources group, Accenture brought in a combination of technical skills and industry knowledge to implement the solution. In addition to market-leading SAP IS-U capabilities, the Accenture team leveraged an array of proprietary tools and assets, including:

  • Accenture Delivery Methods Estimator for change enablement and effort estimation for the system implementation, including workday and workstream estimates.

  • Accenture Delivery Methods provide the framework to guide global multidisciplinary teams on how best to achieve the client's business goals.

  • Accenture Code Review Tool to check the quality of code.

  • Templates from Data Migration Street to aid in the migration process.

  • Test scripts and report templates for creating and executing test scenarios.

  • SAP Training systems to facilitate client workshops.


The SAP implementation provided Stedin with a fully integrated IT platform that is independent and better organized according to its business needs and helped achieve the following objectives:

  • An independent IT landscape allowing the optimization and rationalization of process chains within the company, resulting in efficiency and productivity improvements.

  • With all client data now on a single platform, an integrated view of the customer has enabled the company to be more customer focused, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

  • Eliminating redundant systems and data resulted in improved data quality and reduced application development and maintenance costs.

After the successful go-live, the project earned the 2014 SAP Quality Awards Silver metal for exceptional business transformation in The Netherlands.

Client quote

“Accenture has demonstrated a high degree of professionalism, in which they continue to seek the right balance between quality and cost. Due to the added value of Accenture, we have been able to fulfill the multidisciplinary transition in a proper way. The consultants of Accenture have made the difference because they brought in valuable experience from previous implementations and combined their broad business experience with specific technical knowledge.”

Program Manager Plateau 3, Stedin Netbeheer B.V.

“Accenture has achieved excellent results with migrating the data to the target system SAP IS-U! Including technical and commercial master data as well as billing data. Most of the time they achieved a 100% migration loading result and in case of (limited) dropout(s), Accenture has shown not only to be able to provide insight in the dropout(s), but also to resolve it adequate and quick. Good results which were achieved during the dry-runs increased confidence to the highest level for the migration to the production environment. These good results were underlined with an “excellent” qualification as outcome of an assessment done by our internal audit organization.”

Sr. Projectleader Plateau 3, Stedin Netbeheer B.V.