An oil and gas company wanted to improve safety by implementing a leak detection system.

But there was no single solution on the market that could meet the company’s needs for its dense network of upstream pipelines. Accenture worked with the company to first recommend a set of technologies and then develop a roadmap for implementing a comprehensive leak detection system.



How We

Accenture was selected to help create a sophisticated leak detection system for the company’s dense network of gas, liquid hydrocarbon and water pipelines.

Since there was no single solution on the market that could meet the complex requirements, a custom system was needed.

Initially, Accenture assessed the company’s pipeline operations, evaluated leak detection and related technologies, and determined which technologies could be applied to the network in a unified solution. The technologies were then matched to various modes of pipeline operations—such as water crossings, gathering pipelines and export pipelines.

This work led to a set of recommendations for deploying the right combination of technologies for each operational mode. Some technologies had never before been used in pipelines. Accenture also developed a roadmap for moving forward and suggested best practices for using the new system.



In just three months, an assessment was conducted and a roadmap was developed, providing clear strategic guidelines for implementing a robust leak detection system.

Once the solution is in place, the resulting detection capabilities are expected to strengthen the organization’s ability to operate safely, reduce the risk of leaks and avoid damage to the environment, customer relationships and company reputation.

With a strong combination of tools now at its disposal—including new methods for identifying potential issues and key technologies for infrastructure management—the company is well positioned to realize more efficient operations for its upstream pipeline assets.

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