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Experience Accenture's purpose-built, one-of-a-kind Cyber Fusion Center for operational technology (OT) security and industrial control systems (ICS).


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Attacks are spiking. Now’s the time to focus on operational technology and industrial control systems. Your ally in this battle: Accenture’s Houston Cyber Fusion Center.

One roof. One mission. One focus: OT security.

Scale services and save time with decades of security and process control networking expertise to protect critical assets across your full value chain.

OT Cyber Range: Seeing is believing.

Test OT/ICS defenses without purchasing the technology. Arrive with tools already configured and deployed and leave with a tailored, proven strategy.

Secure the future: Accenture Cyber Fusion Centers.

Customize IT/OT integrations with confidence in our move-in ready secure bay access lab, equipped with fully functional control systems and equipment.

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OT security and industrial control systems in focus

With decades of experience serving Resources clients, Accenture Security is the only global cybersecurity organization providing the people, tools, technology and research needed to successfully secure entire OT and ICS processes. Our North American team includes 500+ skilled cybersecurity professionals with 90+ cyber specialists focused on ICS.

Intro to Houston's OT cyber fusion center

Accenture’s OT SOC solution

Accenture ICS cyber range

Accenture's ICS cyber range in Houston

How our Operational Technology Cyber Fusion Center helps healthcare organizations

Bolster business continuity and confidence

The most critical assets in an organization are often the most overlooked. Nowhere is this more apparent than in operational technology and industrial environments, where aging technology – often designed without robust cybersecurity safeguards in mind – must now work with new technologies such as IoT devices.

We built the Houston OT Cyber Fusion Center to meet the challenges presented by distributed technology and the changing environment – and because clients need to see the real-time interaction of field assets and control systems, from the instruments and sensors to the Security Operations Center. That’s why we made the center a one-stop shop for fortifying full industrial control systems and operational technology value chains, from the wellhead to pump and along all points in between. It’s the only place in the world where organizations can test legacy and new operational technology and industrial control systems defenses and quickly understand the big picture and their cybersecurity technology needs.

"This takes OT assets and industrial control systems out of the shadows and moves it not just into the limelight, but into the future. Securing these assets should be part of every organizations reliability program."

— Jim Guinn, Managing Director – Accenture Security

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