Retail Personalization Platform

Customer engagement platforms enable personalized shopping experiences.


Today’s customers increasingly want to have a personalized experience with brands. Loyalty and reward programs have proliferated as a way to help deliver that experience, yet studies show customers are becoming less loyal.

Earning behavioral and emotional customer loyalty today requires the orchestration of highly relevant rewards programs within the larger digital and personalized customer experience. This means knowing your customer and prospect profiles and their history at a more detailed level than ever before. And it requires reaching them with the right product or content based on those actions and preference in the context that makes the most sense for each individual.

Organizations need to build the systems to enable this capability quickly, cost efficiently and in a way that enables future agility based on market changes.

Why Accenture


The Accenture Retail Personalization Platform empowers retailers, restaurants and grocers to deliver more meaningful and relevant customer experiences. This pre-configured cloud platform, built on Salesforce, allows retailers to provide existing and potential customers the ability to share information to deliver a more personal experience through targeted offers and product recommendations. Since 2004, Accenture and have had a dynamic, client-centered alliance, helping retail organizations harness the power of cloud computing.

  •’s most strategic and experienced integration partner, leading the largest transformational projects

  • 10+ years of working together, helping 250+ organizations around the world

  • 5,000+ people skilled in Salesforce, including 1,900+ certified, twice the number of any other provider

  • Recognized by IDC, Forrester and CapioIT as a leader in Salesforce implementations



    Retail store associates have blind spots when it comes to their customers—who they are, what they want and how they shop. Customer information is isolated, fragmented among multiple sources and accessible to few. This makes it next to impossible for associates to consistently track interactions, buying patterns and preferences to provide the in-store experiences that customers want—and that keep them coming back.

    The Accenture Retail Clienteling Solution is a preconfigured, quick-start clienteling platform built on Salesforce that allows store associates to build and extend customer relationships by personalizing in-store customer visits and follow ups.



    Salesforce Cloud

    Salesforce Sales Cloud allows retailers to easily manage customer preferences, and their information, across the entire organization.

    Mobile Applications

    Salesforce1 Platform enables rich mobile applications for a highly integrated customer experience.

    Campaign Deployment

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud streamlines and personalizes marketing campaign deployment.

    Fullforce Industry Solution Certification

    The Certified Salesforce Fullforce Program is an industry-focused initiative that enables partners to go to market with specialized solutions that drive customer transformation across key industries.

    Omni-channel loyalty programs

    A loyalty engine uses key information and connection points to deliver experiences that keep customers coming back—online and in store.