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Data-driven deployment & migration


To capture Pervasive Network opportunities, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) face the necessity of making an intelligent rotation from legacy to digitally enabled services, platforms and operating models. This requires the deployment of new networks, migration from the legacy networks to the new, and eventual decommissioning of the legacy.

Data-driven Deployment & Migration leverages five key capabilities to help our clients go through the journey from legacy to new networks at pace and with certainty of maximizing return on investment:

  • An Intelligent Command Center to scale, de-risk and orchestrate end-to-end execution of large network programs across complex delivery ecosystems. Unlike traditional PMO functions, the Command Center leverages a process-driven approach, supported by data analytics insights, that enables full and trusted visibility of progress; reliable forecasts; fact-based decision making; and acceleration of business benefits through continuous improvement initiatives.
  • A Network Service Factory that enables industrialization, automation and continuous improvement of repetitive and high-volume processes. Accenture sets up and runs a service factory model tailored to the client’s objectives and environment, leveraging accelerated transition methodologies, process industrialization, offshoring, automation and outcome-based commercial arrangements.
  • A Product and Service Migration and Decommissioning capability that offers a broad spectrum of services, ranging from full Network Transformation As-A-Service to specific capabilities such as migration factory, customer migration management and migration order automation. Our services are underpinned by a number of proprietary assets, including our Accenture Intelligent Migration Solution.
  • Network Deployment & Migration Advisory applies consulting services to help our clients design, set up and effectively execute large network programs. Accenture deploys experienced teams, with industry, functional and technical knowledge and strong consulting expertise, to provide operating model design; industry skill gap analysis and remediation programs; technology gap analysis and road-mapping; process improvement; and vendor engagement optimization.
  • Network Cost Reduction utilizes the full breadth of Accenture capabilities, ranging from network tower sharing to operations transformation and management, to significantly optimize network costs. Our approach combines the power of data analytics insights with our ability to execute complex initiatives at pace and scale and to deliver with certainty on committed business outcomes.

As companies undertake the major transformation initiatives required to take advantage of their Pervasive Network opportunities, Data-driven Deployment & Migration demonstrates Accenture’s unparalleled alignment with client objectives and willingness to share risk in the quest for successful outcomes.