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Business process outsourcing for the aerospace and defense industry

Consensus is forming around the value that business process outsourcing (BPO) can provide to aerospace and defense companies.


Consensus is forming around the value that business process outsourcing (BPO) can provide to aerospace and defense companies.

While security concerns, strong internal cultures, regulation and plentiful government funding long excluded BPO from the C-suite, the trend is shifting in the opposite direction. BPO can help to generate stakeholder value by increasing the performance of business services while maintaining a manageable cost structure.

Accenture's BPO solutions for aerospace and defense build upon our nearly two decades of BPO experience and our deep industry skills. Some look at BPO purely as a means of reducing labor costs. Accenture views BPO as a means to achieve high performance in underserved or non-core areas, while freeing resources to focus on high value activities. For example, our Engineering Services solution supports drawing updates, common part maintenance and other vital—but lower value—tasks, allowing in-house engineering staff to focus on innovation and higher value activities. The advantages of BPO can include:

  • Conversion of capital investment to operating expense

  • Improved management focus

  • Access to leading technology and workforce skills

  • Centralized and standardized processes

  • Improved ability to handle capacity fluctuations

Why Accenture

We help aerospace and defense companies transform their businesses through a renewed focus on core capabilities and rapid improvements in performance and profitability. Our services can help reduce operating costs, improve service quality and improve business results. We understand the challenges our aerospace and defense clients face and work with them to design BPO solutions that meet their needs. Accenture has implemented a global export compliance program, which includes a robust system of export compliance controls and procedures, that is designed to help confirm Accenture's compliance with all applicable export control regulations.

At Accenture, we assess the appropriateness of BPO based on what best fits your needs. Over the course of a BPO engagement we work closely with you as we:

  • Assess the opportunity to help you find the best value proposition, often comparing the advantages of internal shared services with those of outsourcing

  • Formulate a solution and strategy to help you determine which course of action to execute based upon due diligence to review data, pricing models and the value proposition

  • Generate and carry out detailed service transition plans

  • Run the outsourced business process

  • Develop contracts

Specific Services
We can help you improve your business by working to improve your business functions through outsourcing solutions in the following areas: