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Accenture and Cloudera: Putting data at the center of business transformation

Accenture and Cloudera help clients become data-driven enterprises and unlock the value of their data.


Most organizations want unconstrained access to data not only to reduce costs and risks of business operation, but also to understand customers and explore new business opportunities. However, limited storage and computing resources in existing systems are creating data challenges. Compounding these challenges are deficiencies in analytic capabilities that companies face when their data lives in silos. These constraints can threaten a company’s market agility and growth if not addressed with enhanced data technologies that can help them make smarter decisions faster.

Accenture and Cloudera help businesses build real-time enabled and scalable data supply chains with an enterprise-wide platform built on Apache™ Hadoop®. Our alliance demonstrates Accenture’s commitment to becoming a leader in leveraging emerging big data and analytics technologies for organizations.