In brief

In brief

  • Faced with growing business challenges, the emphasis for CFOs today is on transforming the finance function to "intelligent finance".
  • In this report, Accenture explains its value-led transformation approach – and why SAP® solutions and technologies are critical components.
  • The key themes are leading on digital transformation, harnessing the power of data, and reimagining the future finance workforce.

Outmaneuver uncertainty and unleash enterprise value

Finance functions are under pressure. Faced with growing disruption, uncertainty, competition and market volatility, CFOs are looking to evolve their organizations to “intelligent finance” and cement their position as a true partner with the rest of the business.

Accenture’s comprehensive approach helps finance functions develop the strategy, roadmap and value case needed to do this. Enabled by new SAP solutions and technologies, it’s focused on unlocking value at every stage of the transformation.

The priority? To outmaneuver uncertainty and unleash enterprise value through digital transformation, the power of real-time data and a reimagined workforce.

New mindsets for a new era of intelligent finance

The value-led intelligent finance approach calls for a new mindset across the finance function, from the CFO down. Accenture has identified three core themes which, supported by SAP solutions and technologies, enable CFOs to evolve their organization’s thinking and ways of working.

  • Intelligent finance. Leading on digital transformation to create intelligent processes, organized around business outcomes, that provide higher-quality insights to the business while freeing workers from routine tasks.
  • Harnessing the power of data. Transforming finance into an analytics powerhouse with an integrated platform, built for scale, that ensures the business can maximize the value of its data.
  • Future workforce. Developing an adaptive finance workforce, shaped by data-driven insights, that will thrive in the new, while investing in predictive intelligence to improve decision-making and support a more agile way of working.


of CFOs said automation would allow their teams to provide better insight to the rest of the business.


of CFOs are using analytics to target areas of new value across the enterprise.


of finance leaders recognize the traditional finance talent profile needs to change rapidly and drastically.

Accelerate the transformation from vision to value

Accenture’s approach provides comprehensive support across all stages of the transformation journey, from initial vision to realized value:

  • Define the vision and value. Shape a strategic vision for the future finance function and define the value it will deliver.
  • Design the future state. Refine the vision and identify the technologies and capabilities needed to power an intelligent finance function.
  • Create the business case and roadmap. Quantify and track the benefits of each new capability and prioritize them by the value delivered to the business.
  • We also use our myConcerto platform to bring together the best of our thinking and leading practices to help us work with finance functions to deliver a value-led approach for shaping and delivering intelligent enterprise transformation.

    Rob Campanile

    Managing Director – Accenture

    Constantin Holzner

    Lead – SAP Finance Transformation


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