In brief

In brief

  • As speed, flexibility and agility become ever more important to CFOs, many are turning to SAP S/4HANA® for Central Finance to accelerate insights.
  • Intelligent automation is becoming increasingly important to delivering the quality data at scale needed for a Central Finance transformation.
  • We explain three new intelligence-powered tools, developed by Accenture, for automating and accelerating a journey to quality finance.

Finance depends on quality data

Today’s finance functions need to be flexible and agile— and able to respond quickly to changing business circumstances. It’s why more and more CFOs are looking to shift to a modern finance environment with intelligent forecasting and rapid data-driven decision-making capabilities.

For the right organization, SAP S/4HANA® for central finance ("Central Finance") can be a critical accelerator of that transformation. Central Finance enables CFOs to see the big picture, creating a living vision that enables them to both make and continuously adapt future plans.

However, what an organization gets out of Central Finance entirely depends on what it puts in. In other words, complete and accurate financial data is the foundation on which Central Finance is built.

Time to get smart about data quality

The catch? Profiling, cleansing, and mapping data in a large global organization can be a huge undertaking. It’s why many are turning to intelligent automation to help accelerate a Central Finance transformation and give the finance function the insights it needs at the pace it requires.

Accenture has developed a suite of intelligent automation tools which demonstrate the value an intelligence-led approach can deliver in three key areas:

Intelligent data quality

Accenture’s Intelligent Data Quality tool uses artificial intelligence to suggest and then apply data cleansing rules, potentially saving around 60 percent of the manual effort required.

Intelligent data deduplication

Accenture’s deduplication tool uses fuzzy logic and data mining to identify duplicates, determine the best record, then enriched and loaded into Central Finance master record.

Intelligent data mapping

Accenture’s Intelligent Data Mapping uses fuzzy logic and data mining to automate and accelerate this process, helping users to create and maintain mappings quickly and easily.

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See SAP finance data in a new light

This intelligent data automation approach is applicable not just to a Central Finance journey, but also more broadly across an organization.

Whether it’s artificial intelligence to support data management, the development of “self-healing” data solutions, the transition to accessible cloud-based services, or the imposition of consistent user-centric design rules, the intelligent automation of data quality is a critical capability on which future business growth is founded.

That’s why it’s time to get smart about data quality—in a finance transformation and beyond.

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