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Affordability, access and value

Critical ingredients for pharmaceutical companies to drive operational change and keep pace with innovation

In its 11th year, Accenture’s High Performance business research uncovers the long-term performance of “pure-play” pharmaceutical companies. Our 2015 analysis found continued investor confidence in the sector’s ability to achieve sustainable future growth as a result of recent and upcoming drug launches. However, the companies that are growing and therefore rewarded by investors have business models that are largely focused on innovation in specialty indications. What is the best course of action for pharmaceutical companies?

Although revenue growth has returned and is forecast to accelerate, there is an increasingly polarized position between the High Performers and the rest of the peer group. The High Performers have stronger forecast growth and pipeline replacement revenue ratio, as well as higher operating margins in recent years. Our research predicts that there will be clear new launch winners and losers in the battle to command a share of fixed healthcare funding in crowded and price-competitive therapeutic categories. High Performers should move beyond just great innovations to also develop operating models that can turn new science into measurable patient value.

In addition to combining breakthrough medical science with clearly demonstrated outcomes for patients and healthcare systems, the High Performers excel at these operational attributes and capabilities:

  1. Collaborating to get the best science and dominating in target disease areas

  2. Excelling at product launches and maximizing productivity from R&D investment

  3. Developing new business models in response to the “consumerization” of healthcare

  4. Mastering flexible pricing and market access while demonstrating superior outcomes

Sustained high performance in the sector will come from those companies that can drive operational change that can keep pace with innovation. The challenge ahead will be turning science into value, by developing new operating models that can deliver on the commercial promise of new launches in a changing healthcare economy.

To learn more about the key findings from our research, download Affordability and value—the economics of pharma’s new science